Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My 100 Things

1. I need coffee in the morning
2. Even if I’ve had my coffee I’m still irascible
3. I’m working on it
4. I smoke
5. From thinking of, thinking of, thinking of quitting I’m now finally at the thinking of quitting smoking stage
6. Although Canadian, I love baseball and barely tolerate hockey
7. When I was 15 I stopped playing ball to do teenage things
8. I took it up again at 28
9. I regret ever giving it up
10. I now play whenever I get the chance
11. I have a brother and sister who are twins
12. They are 3 years younger
13. I look more like either of them than they do each other
14. Both of my parents are still alive
15. They are still married
16. I don’t have much contact with my extended relations
17. For the most part I’m very happy with this situation
18. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP
19. I’m a dog person though I tolerate cats
20. I’m in my mid-thirties
21. I’m severely myopic (vision wise)
22. Most of my hair is still on my head and is still brown
23. I have three crowns and innumerable cowlicks
24. I can’t be bothered to do much about it
25. This often results in the highly coveted mad scientist look
26. Current music I like: Cinerama, Metric, White Stripes
27. I don’t go to see bands nearly as often as I used to
28. Last show I went to was Franz Ferdinand at the ‘Shoe
29. I still love 80’s music
30. I was at the first Lollapalooza
31. I saw the Ramones play about a half-dozen times
32. My undergraduate studies were in astrophysics
33. After I worked in casinos for 6 years
34. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make any sense
35. While working I learned to speak a little Cantonese
36. Although not good, my Cantonese is better than my grade 12 French
37. I used to play poker for a living
38. The money was more than enough to live on
39. I stopped because the hours suck
40. And I got into business school
41. I still gamble once in a while
42. I recommend Sklansky’s books if you want to learn how to play poker
43. I’d love to talk about my career now
44. Though it’s legal, I can’t discuss it for the most part
45. In short, I’m an entrepreneur
46. I’ve been married
47. We were great friends for a few years after splitting up
48. Now we’ve lost touch
49. I miss that friendship
50. No children
51. Still undecided on whether I want any
52. I’m indifferent about religion
53. No political party represents my views (free-market humanism)
54. I’ll likely vote Green in the upcoming election
55. I read about 70 books a year
56. Far too many are science fiction
57. Favourite sci-fi author – William Gibson
58. Johnny Mnemonic’s a terrible movie
59. Favourite business author – Michael Lewis
60. Liar’s Poker is hilarious and you should read it
61. Author who’s next book I have to read – Chuck Pahalniuk
62. Fight Club is an fantastic flick
63. I really enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs
64. I think that my writing is too stilted and non-conversational
65. Hopefully producing a blog will temper this
66. I’m 192 cm (6’ 3 ½”) tall
67. The most I’ve ever weighed is 175 lbs.
68. This makes shopping for clothes very frustrating
69. And often results in nicknames like Stretch and Slim
70. I used to play guitar
71. I picked it up quickly but then plateaued
72. I stopped when I finally accepted that I’m tone deaf
73. I wish I could sing
74. Although not a vegetarian, I rarely eat meat
75. It usually grosses me out
76. Not sure why, but I hate driving
77. I was often ill as a child
78. My health improved for good as soon as I had my tonsils out
79. Now I’m just ill-tempered
80. I’ve had my nose and both ears pierced
81. But I’ve let all the holes close up
82. I don’t have any tattoos
83. Just because I could never decide on anything I’d want for life
84. I’ve been told that I’m high-strung
85. I’ve also been told that I’m too laid-back
86. I can’t reconcile the difference
87. Maybe it has to do with my caffeine intake
88. I’ve always lived in Toronto or the surrounding area
89. I’ve travelled extensively in North America
90. But I’ve only been overseas once
91. I really should rectify this
92. Hypocrites, apologists and excuse makers really irritate me
93. I don’t seek conflict
94. But I certainly don’t avoid it
95. I enjoy crossword puzzles
96. My favourite is the Saturday G&M
97. I usually complete it but won’t obsess if I don’t
98. When I was in public school they put me through a battery of psychic tests
99. They didn’t tell me the results
100. I sense that I didn’t do very well