Monday, August 30, 2004

Pollyanna's Love Child

I’ve got a cold, I'm banged up and I’m waaay hungover. Hot damn, I feel good.

Early last week I had Mothra sized stomach butterflies brought on by my impending date night out with Granola Girl. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWow, with the jitters like that I must really be smitten with this gal, well at least that’s what I thought at the time. The butterflies have persisted throughout the week and are now accompanied by a head cold that makes me feel a tad stoned all the time. Kinda fuzzy and warm actually. So this is why people smoke the wacky-tabacky.

My baseball playoffs were played during the afternoon drizzle yesterday on a rather sodden ball diamond. My team won our first game handily, but were beaten by one run in a hard-fought, adrenaline-filled second game; the loss knocking us out of the tourney. During play I was perhaps a little too keen; I cut my knee open (again) sliding through the muddy gravel into second base (I was out) and while diving for a ball (I missed it) I jammed a finger badly enough that typing is now an interesting amalgam of touch-typing (left) and pecking away with my right index finger. But damn did my uniform get dirty. The level of filthiness I achieved couldn’t help but draw kudos later on at the bar.

Aah, yes the bar. Being our last game of the season the whole team turned up at the bar and unbeknownst Image Hosted by ImageShack.usto me had collectively determined that a bender was in order. Jugs upon jugs of amber beery goodness flowed and were accompanied by rounds of Jager.miester. Of course, I drank the shots only as a herbal remedy for my cold; it’s the others that are the lushes.

Whether it was all the booze or just camaraderie, the night was just one long love-in with yours truly getting more than his fair share of attention. I’d stumble float around from table to table and be seized by different people who would demand I sit with them for a while and insist upon topping up my pint. Lots of flattering stuff was said about me (and my team). As an example last night I was told asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the inaugural baseball game for GO-GAL! (Girl-on-Girl-Ac.tion League). I guess non-threatening really is a good thing.

Somehow I made it until they closed the bar. Thank goodness I only had to walk two blocks to get to bed.

Yeah, so I’m sick, hurt and hungover; it’s glorious. Absolutely glorious.


Sunday, August 29, 2004

Boring Bank Post

See. See. Some corporations can learn from their mistakes. While not admitting that their expansion into the retail US market was idiotic, it’s far too soon for that, asses need to be covered, RBC states that they have no plans for further expansion.

Too bad the morons at TD can’t learn from their competitors’ failings. F**king lemmings, TD probably is just buying Banknorth because of RBC’s and BMO’s earlier (ill-considered) efforts.

I was going to translate the biz-speak in the article but I gotta run; playoff baseball in the rain.


Dr. Irascible vs. the Love Boat Beasties

Does anybody else have nightmares when they are too cold when sleeping? I do. Every time the blankets go AWOL or the A/C gets put up an extra few notches I either wake up freezing or have frightening dreams and then wake up sweating and freezing. Last night the latter scenario was the case. In my dreams I was a paramedic (I took the St. John’s Ambulance course when I was 12 and haven’t thought about it since) who boards a boat (cruise liner / cargo vessel, it made sense at the time) and a plot seemingly pillaged from 28 Days La.ter breaks out. Lots of beasties, chases and fighting ensues.

Why would this sort of thing sprout from my unconscious? I saw 28 Days, well about 28 days ago, I watched a little bit of Underworld last night, but it was for the lovely Kate Beck.insdale and her outfits (it couldn’t be anything else in the movie), and I was reading Pride and Prejudice in bed. Not really the ingredients for Dr. Irascible vs. the Love Boat Beasties. Why couldn’t it have been more of the lovely Kate, huh? Stupid subconscious.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Starting Early

I was flipping channels the other day and caught a bit of dialogue when someone was discussing their earliest memory. How the heck do you pin down which one is the earliest? The memories I have of early childhood are all a jumble, chronological order be damned. I gave it some thought and searched for a benchmark by which to date them; something significant like moving or going to a new day care.

The benchmark I settled for was my mother’s pregnancy, just before my brother and sister (yes, twins) were born. The weather was still nice, no snow on the ground and no need for a coat or hat so I must have recently turned three. I remember my mother lying down on the pulled out chesterfield in the living room, her pregnancy showing significantly. It was early morning and the car pool ride that was to take me to day care was just about to arrive.

I hated the day care, my father had already left for work and my mother was so heavy with her pregnancy she couldn’t move quickly; hmm what should a three year old do? Not what I did. I bolted from the door and knowing that pursuit was unlikely, hid behind the next-door neighbours house. There I peeked around a corner and watched for the ride to the dreaded day care pull up. The big honking 70’s station wagon, likely with faux wood exterior but I guess I’ve blocked that horror out, arrived, the driver went to the door and waited what seems in retrospect to be a very short time. After the car left I shortly went in and spent the day with my Mom watching TV. Funny, I don’t remember being punished. I guess my folks had an appreciation for their three year old developing a strategic plan.

Any earliest memories you care to share?


TD (Terminally Dumb)

TD confirmed their idiocy to the world today announcing plans to buy US retail banker Banknorth. More than the other large Canadian banks TD has decided to focus on the low-margin high-cost retail banking segment of their operations. So smart. No wonder these guys get paid the big bucks. For some reason they see this as the best method to achieve growth. Do they know something that no one else does? Perhaps there is no reason everyone else is closing branches all over the map. Good plan guys, pay a large premium to enter a highly competitive sector that has proven disastrous to the other Canadian banks that have tried to expand to in the past. Great idea.

If today’s price movement is indicative the market also thinks this is boneheaded. In concert with the merger announcement TD also announced a jump in profits that beat estimates yet as of writing this TD is down more than any of its Canadian counterparts on the day. Smart idea guys. Using some elementary tools to compare TD to the other big banks the market hasn’t apparently reacted strongly enough as TD's PE ratio is still higher than its competitors while its dividend yield lags behind. Dump this dog if it’s in your portfolio. Ick.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Stealing Second?

Granola Girl and I haven’t had much contact since the last update. The day following the club night we talked briefly at the bar after ball where she remarked what a great time she’d had the night before. I was hoping that she’d call after this but no dice. Saturday, I threw caution to the wind and called her up last minute (machine again) to see if she wanted to come clubbing with my cronies again. No response.

I see her the next day (Sunday) at the bar. We’re sitting at tables with an obstructed sightline between them and I catch her a number of times craning her neck to take a gander over at me. Very early in the night she starts to make her exit. She comes over to my table and says goodnight to the 4 others there, passing me by. Waiting, I get a tad anxious and pre-empt her farewell with a cursory one of my own, idiot that I am. In hindsight she may well have been trying to find a way to get me out from behind the table to talk.

At this point I’m still unsure if I’m seeing signs where there are none. I certainly don’t want to make her uncomfortable without the chemistry being at least somewhat reciprocal. Monday, I decide to take the previous evenings evidence in a positive light and call her up inviting her to Tuesday’s baseball game. She returned my call and although she had to make a sacrifice to attend she agreed to go.

GG and I met in front of the stadium just before the game and started talking from there. The conversation didn’t stop until we parted ways 4hrs later. Well, it was often interrupted by cheering and jeering the players on the field (she doing more of the yelling than I). I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun with a girl at a baseball game.

Again, it was a mixed bag of signals. She’s still seeing someone else but this didn’t prevent her from occasionally leaning against me and once putting her head on my shoulder. At one point, while she reapplied her lipstick for the 3rd time, I brought up the non-threatening comments about me mentioned in my next to last post. She responded saying “they wouldn’t think that if they knew how you are preying upon me.” Good. I think. At least my intentions are known. Further, I subtly, but clearly indicated my continued interest in her and was not dissuaded. Unless of course, “preying” counts.

Addendum: While leaving the park the conversation drifted towards relationships. I was mentioning how I normally fall for hyper-intelligent women and was going on about this Oxford-educated wing-nut I’d dated a while back when she interrupted, “You know I’m an art school drop out, don’t you?” I recover nicely and talk about how education isn’t necessarily indicative of intelligence. She seemed much assuaged. Was she trying to point out a mismatch or envisioning herself with me? Hmm.

I regret that the censors will not permit me to mention many of the conversational details and don’t allow me to really describe the evening in more detail. If you have any pertintent questions I'll elaborate if I can.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I always end up regretting it when I tease others, but I'm feeling reckless so:

I'm going to the Jays game tonight.

Guess who's coming with me.


Monday, August 23, 2004


Last night I was desribed as non-threatening by a couple of girls. Very non-threatening actually. Is this a compliment or an insult? Non-threatening. Grr.

A buddy of mine recently bought a house with his significant other. When he mentions her in passing he refers to her as his girlfriend. The term just doesn't seem appropriate but woman-I've-shacked-up-with-and-committed-to is just too damn long. I think a new term needs to be coined. Anyone have the word or the knack with neologisms?

I made the mistake of weighing myself the other day. Almost 10 pounds in the wrong direction from the last time I used a scale about 4 months ago. It oddly bothered me for a bit. I'm relatively happy with the reflection in the mirror and don't plan to change my habits any, so to the hell with scales. For at least another few months.


Sunday, August 22, 2004


Crabby posted a neat little quote the other day that cast bloggers as the new journalists, determining what is and what isn't newsworthy. If only this were true then I might actually get to read some impartial news coverage. Personally, I'm sick of the news media masquerading as objective sources of information. Why can't jounalists keep their opinions contained within the editorials? Especially newspapers or all-news networks that aren't constrained by a time slot. I eagerly read good op-ed pieces and appreciate those that make me rethink or reappraise things, whether I agree with the author or not. Doug Saunders weekly column, Reckoning, in the Saturday G & M often succeeds in this.

His piece this week mentions (among other things) the scaremongering tactics that the media, police, government etc. have been using (some intentionally, some inadvertently) that is creating a society permeated by fear. Unlike my mini-rant above, he points to the selection of stories driving perceptions. Repeated newscasts that contain mostly child abductions and crime sprees make the public fear for the safety of themselves and their families. With all this horror and violence society must be falling apart at the seams.

According to statistics though it is not crime/terrorism that is on the increase, it is amount of coverage it receives in the media. To support this Saunders' column cites "that the violent crime rate in Canada has fallen to its lowest point in 37 years." Even with statistical evidence it is often difficult to convince some people that civilization as we know it isn't unravelling. Things were always better back in the day. You know when I was a kid...

When I was a kid the news was always impartial, journalists had integrity; they reported the facts - not their opinions. Remember Woodward and Bernstein? Watergate, now that's the stuff. Just don't ask me to look back at any old newspapers. If they are even more biased, I don't want to know. I wouldn't want empirical evidence getting in the way of a good rant.

Blogger is being a pain. The Saunders' article is easily searchable in the G & M link in my fave's on the sidebar.


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Have You Seen This Cat?

Anyone who walks through the Queen West neigbourhood can't help but notice how heavily fliered the area is, 8 1/2" by 11" posters abound, announcing racy cartoon festivals, promoting local bands, locating lost pets, helping you with weight loss etc. As I was walking down one of the sidestreets the other day I noticed one a little different.

Have You Seen This Cat?
***3 cutesy kitten photos***
If you have:
Lucky You!
He's really cute, isn't he?

I wish I knew who put it up and why. Awesome.


Friday, August 20, 2004

Left Preferable to Right?

A interesting piece I saw on the CBC the other night.

The Pursuit of Happiness


Thursday, August 19, 2004


Here’s my psychic prediction for tomorrow:

· Iraq is a mess, a bloody, bloody, mess.
· Oil prices remain high
· Canada does poorly at the Olympics
· Atrocities continue in Sudan
· If given the opportunity Bush will sound like an ass
· Russia looks more and more like an autocracy
· Pharmaceutical plans in the US and Canada prove problematic
· Google’s IPO provides news filler

Irascible’s Psychic Hotline to open soon

Want to apply for a position? Show off your own talents. Any predictions for the weekend?



For the last couple of weeks I’ve had this task hanging over my head. It’s one of those things that from the outside appears onerous, time-consuming and highly technical without being overly challenging. Just the sort of thing I avoid if I can.

I could, so I did.

Well to be honest, in the interim it seemed the pantheon of computer gods and vagaries of fate also had a vested interest in my procrastination. The internet would go down, a disk drive would fail etc. It was likely the Silicon Gremlins (cousins to the Car Key Gnomes), well them, or the enforcers of Murphy’s Law were hell-bent on a crackdown.

Finally, yesterday I sat my bony ass down and began the assault. Numbers popped, crunched and were ground to meal. Seeing the fate of their compatriots, the humbled digits, functions and decimal places surrendered to my arsenal of algorithms. Bound and chained, the survivors now form a rather lengthy, exhaustive report.

Damn, it’s fine to be done. It actually wasn’t so bad, kind of satisfying really. I have more of the same that needs to be done, eventually. Maybe I’ll just get on that.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Flying Asshats

Over the past few days while flipping channels I have caught a wee bit of Olympic coverage and some of the advertisements that are tailored to it. As expected there’s the usual transparent pull-at-the-heartstrings/nationalistic-pride/world-as-one pap but Air Canada, showing their typically horrendous business moxie, has apparently hired on a brand new bonehead to manage their marketing. Using a pathetic try-too-hard-to-be-clever campaign, the new ultra-highbrow concept is to try and convince the public that their airline has imagination.

Who the fuck wants an airline with imagination? Is this supposed to be clever? How much imagination does it take to run an airline? Book tickets, put people on planes, fly from A to B, disembark. Yeah, I see that imagination would help.

Personally, I simply want to get from point A to point B at a certain time for as little cash as possible. If they fill me up with booze and give me a seat with extra legroom, well that’s just a bonus. Maybe they want to book my seat creatively? Fuck off, put my 6’4” frame in the seats by the emergency exit with the extra legroom. Until now I simply show up hours early to get these seats for any long flight. Do I want my flight to take an imaginative, circuitous route from point A to point B? No asshat, I want to get off your grain silo with wings as soon as possible. And I certainly don’t want any singalongs mid-flight or need to do the limbo to get on or off the plane.

Imagination, what a concept; these marketing boneheads certainly could have used some.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Lucky Stars

Damn, I had a fun weekend.

Friday, Radmila organized a blogger get together with Crabby (who is posting again), Sugar, and Stacey (who used to have a blog but doesn’t anymore). It was a lot of fun and it was fabulous meeting these interesting, cool people that I’d only known over the net. It would be great to do again sometime, perhaps with more attendees (hint, hint, hint non-torontonians too, if you could make it).

Saturday afternoon, I played a pick up game of ball and had a blast. Later I hooked up to go clubbing with a whole slew of my cronies including Wingman, Krazy Courier, and Granola Girl. I had on one of those silly, fun, giddy drunks on for most of the night, danced up a small storm, flirted like crazy and received a whole bag of mixed messages. Good thing I’m not one to dwell (yeah, right).

Sunday, I surprisingly woke up with no hangover. I still can’t believe that the copious quantities of booze I imbibed had no ill effects; the planets must be aligned or something. I again played ball and my team won our 3rd consecutive game (we’ve only won 4 all year) and moved into 8th place in the 12 team league with one game left before the playoffs. After the game the bar was atypically sedate, but this provided a great atmosphere for conversation and a very fun evening was had.

My weekend went so smoothly that I even, on two separate occasions, unceremoniously asked a woman (29+) her age and got away unscathed and fancy free (unless they are plotting revenge and intend to settle up later, of course). Yes, I’m counting my lucky stars.


Friday, August 13, 2004


Matt Stone and Trey Parker the creators of South Park are just about to release "Team America: World Police". Although done with puppets, not animation, it typically skewers and/or offends just about everyone.

When asked who'll likely be most offended by "Team America" Parker responds, "The Canadians, because we've left them out. They always pet p.o.'d when you don't acknowledge them."



Gold Medal Rant

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics are today. When I was a kid all the pomp and ceremony really got to me. Briefly while watching the ’76 Montreal games I had dreams of one day competing. Dreams that lasted until the reality of my very average athletic capabilities caught up with me anyway. Even with Canada’s pathetic medal showing I was also overcome by nationalistic pride. Like my dreams of competing however, my appreciation of the Olympics ability to generate nationalistic fervour has also dissipated. Now I just don’t care about the Olympics or my nation’s performance and I question why my government pours millions of dollars into athletic programs designed to increase the number of medals the country wins.

What effect does winning a bunch of gold medals have anyway? Does medalling generate pride and feelings of accomplishment for nations lacking self-esteem? Hormone enhanced (fe)male golds didn’t stop East Germany from giving up and unifying with their Western countrymen. Perhaps it brings together the disparate cultural groups into a more cohesive nation? Huge medal takes haven’t stopped the USSR into fracturing into a dozen or so shards.

I just don’t see any lasting good.

The one point I will concede is that the Olympics likely raises participation in athletic events across the gamut of events. The increased activity within the populace could potentially lead to a fitter, healthier citizenry, which would then theoretically, require less spending in the medical system. Perhaps there is a net return. Taking this one step further, as people are apt to choose sports that emulate the success of their heroes, perhaps we should focus our athletic spending (and propaganda) on events that would maximize the health benefits for our (gullible) population. Why not get the folks at the Ministry of Finance to run a cost/benefit analysis? What is the Net Present Value (NPV) of a triathalon gold? The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on dollars invested in our soccer team? How many swimming medals are required to break-even on our investment?

Really though, is the money spent on our Olympic efforts better elsewhere? Even keeping the funds within athletics why not consider making facilities and equipment more accessible. Hockey equipment, ice time, even permits for a baseball diamond (~$60/day) are too damn expensive. How about putting a fence around the outfield on the diamonds where I play. Huh?

I once thought that government could with enough effort or pressure learn to spend its money wisely; like my idealistic, youthful Olympic fantasies that too has vanished with age.

Have a good weekend all.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Beautiful Things

I always enjoy Russell Smith's weekly(?) column in the G&M. The most recent installment is no exception.

To shamelessly appropriate from today's article:

What is the most beautiful thing you've seen in the past week?

For me:

Saturday I was over at Friend’s sister’s place and his immediate family, who are all very dear to me, were there, congregating after the funeral of Friend’s uncle who died after a two year battle with cancer. Terrible in itself, their grief was exacerbated by various other family members not doing their part while the uncle battled with his illness.

At about the same time as uncle’s cancer was determined to be terminal, Friend’s sister gave birth to her first child. Not only is the baby her first but it is also the first, long awaited, grandchild for Friend’s parents. It was just amazing seeing how Friend’s parent’s grief and frustration melted away when they picked up their grandchild.

That transformation, from sadness to joy and pride, was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen this week.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Granola Update

Now that I’ve wiped most of the egg off my face I thought I might update you on the Granola Girl situation.

First a little back story:

One of my teammates, l’il MBA, told me about a month ago that he has asked GG out about a half-dozen times. Apparently, each time he had been rebuffed. Other than that they continue to communicate via email, no further details were forthcoming.

A week before the whole Dropping the Ball incidents I was at the bar, sitting at a table with l’il MBA, Krazy Courier Girl (KC), and another team-mate when GG stops by for a chat. Although ostensibly talking with the lot of us, the whole time I’m sure GG’s focusing on me, the eye contact, the conversation, the vibe. KC often tries to be a wingman for me, in her very erratic and sometimes counter-productive fashion. After GG leaves I try to be crafty and get a little objective confirmation of the “vibe” by facetiously suggesting that perhaps GG has a thing for l’il MBA. As expected, KC says “No way man, she’s got a thing for you.” All good right?

Now the egg on the face to bring you up to date with Surly:

I left off last time, when after some much deserved and appreciated prodding, I called her up. Some aggravating phone tag (2 back and forths) ensued and finally we talked when she called Tuesday (8 days ago). After a polite greeting she starts up the conversation “I’m not sure whether you’re aware of this or not but I’m seeing somebody.” Wow. I so was not expecting that. I still feel like an idiot.

The conversation goes on about a variety of topics, all interesting and cool, for about 20-30 min. and is left off that I should give her a ring if I’m up to going out sometime. My head still ringing with surprise, I leave it at that and fail to set up something.

As I posted yesterday, I’ve subsequently run into her when I was out with Surly.

  • No, she couldn’t possibly think I’m dating Snobby.
  • Although my sense of time was somewhat discombobulated by her, I’d estimate that she stuck around for about a half-hour (right, Surly?)
  • Nah, I didn’t really get any vibe at the time.
  • Oddly, when she told a story that seemed to include the guy she’s seeing, she never used the word “boyfriend”, or anything like it. In fact, throughout the conversation she avoided any reference to seeing anyone.

  • The post Surly update:

    I see her again later that night after the Fetish game at the bar where we don’t end up chatting much but I catch her looking over at me a few times form across the patio. She leaves and I spend the next hour or so bonding with Wingman, who has recently made the jump from acquaintance to friend. We are doing this tit-for-tat exchange about women (or lack thereof) in our lives and I get around to confiding in him about GG.

    Wingman’s got a bunch of new information on her (the guy she’s seeing actually exists, is relatively new, and they’re having difficulties) and he tells me that he had recently run into her at a club I used to frequent. Strategy is discussed and plans are made to go out this weekend en masse and invite her along.

    The call had been made. Fekkin’ machine again.

    Regardless of the result, the club night should be a blast; a new wingman and tunes I can dance to without making too much of an ass out of myself.


    Monday, August 09, 2004


    Yesterday I had lunch with Surly and discovered that in fact, he really isn't all that Surly or Snobby. Not only did we have a great little chat but we witnessed every pigeon in Toronto congregate around the crazy bird lady of Queen W. and we very unexpectedly ran into Granola Girl. Ahh, now I have independent blogospheric confirmation, GG is not my snuffalupagus.

    As I've mentioned GG plays in the same baseball league as I do and this week a number of the teams, including hers but not mine, were participating in Fetish week. Players dress up as "their favourite fetish",whatever that means, and play a game so (un)uniformed. Typically this generates a variety of guys dressed in drag, slutty librarians, latex nurses and the occasional giant hot-dog, batting, fielding and running the bases; really quite amusing. When GG stopped by she was out and about, shopping for the finishing pieces of her get-up for the game. Being coy, she regales us with the tale of how she repeatedly exposed herself last year while dressed as an extra-naughty librarian yet she refuses to tell us what her "fetish" is this year. Temptress.

    While the fetish games are going on my team, who I couldn't get to participate, has to play the most hated team in the league. They are rude, abrasive, and are known to take advantage of the fact that our league is self-umpired. Fortune shined, and we beat them soundly, even if I did lose my cool (yes, I am Irascible) a number of times. Later, back at the bar, many of the other teams were so pleased with our opponents defeat one would almost think that it was them that had won.

    In terms of eye candy, the night at the bar was a little dissapointing. Sure, there were burly, unshaven men in wigs and mu-mus (sp?), garter belts and the odd bit of latex but no giant hot dogs or anything really outlandish. Most anticlimatic of all, GG wore the librarian get-up. While very cute and all it was below, my perhaps inflated, expectations. Oh well.

    I think my team will participate next year. Not sure what I'll dress up as. Likely either the school-girl outfit or just dangle a bottle of vanilla around my neck. Yeah, I'm that adventurous.

    Any other suggestions? How would you dress?


    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Justice for who?

    From Thursday's G & M

    Last year, nearly 6.9 million Americans were under the control of the criminal justice system. This is about 3.2 per cent of the adult population of the United States.

    How is this not a sign that the justice system is fucked up?


    A Change In the Weather

    For no reason that I can discern, I’ve been feeling a tad grim lately. While I have no problem ranting, raving, bitching or moaning about specific events I can’t find any way to make ennui, a touch of apathy and general physical malaise interesting enough (even to me) to bother posting.

    Fortunately, yesterday as the weather changed mid-afternoon from a smothering grey cloudy gloominess to a bright sunny vibrant day so did my general mood. Perhaps aided by some serious comfort food (Saigon Palace!) at lunch and a bit of serendipity the icky feeling at the pit of my stomach and the general fog I’ve been in abated.

    I’ve bitched reflected in the past about drifting away from old friends, a trend I am sadly becoming to accept is part and parcel of growing older. Although I still have a solid network of friends I’m finding more and more gaps in the friendship roster:

  • Drinking Buddies – Extra value if able to go at a moments notice
  • Sounding Boards – Inspiration and constructive criticism are bonus, otherwise;
  • Venting Outlet
  • Founts of Nostalgia/Reminiscers - Need that commonality of experience
  • Wing Man
  • Procrastination Specialist

  • Extra credit for being flexible and the ability to play multiple roles

    A lot of people seem to fill the roster gaps that time creates through recruits met at work. My current career doesn’t provide many opportunities to meet new people and for some reason it is seems much more difficult to convert acquaintances into friends than in the past. Surprising to me, it seems easier to develop a fresh romantic relationship (still not easy for me) than to cultivate a new, meaningful platonic one. Perhaps people (including me) are just become more cynical and mistrustful with age or perhaps I’m just an ass and a bore.

    Anyway, just before the weather lifted yesterday the phone rings and it’s one of my more-than-acquaintance-less-than-friends from baseball on the phone. We get along great and always have interesting, lengthy chats when we get together but until recently haven’t really found any reason to get together outside of ball. He’s calling because he needs a roster spot filled on his work baseball team that evening. This is great; I get to play ball (enough on its own), perhaps bond a bit more and get to meet his co-workers (including a number of influential muckety-mucks who could potentially help me out if my current work efforts don’t pan out).

    I really wanted to blather about friendship so to summarize: the sun came out, I played like a champ, an invitation was extended to join the team, my buddy and I drank until last call

    Today I’m feeling much better, thank goodness the weather changed.


    Monday, August 02, 2004

    Top 10

    At a typical civic holiday BBQ one of my buddies and I got talking about music after the party died down and the only things still standing were us and a bottle of scotch. While trying to rectify the problem the 3 of us had with being vertical we primarily discussed putting together our respective lists of Top 10 albums of all time (no greatest hits or K-Tel compilations allowed, soundtracks OK)

    My list was (in no specific order):

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
    The Clash - London Calling
    The Pixies - Doolittle
    Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual
    Jeff Buckley - Grace
    The Wedding Present - George Best
    The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
    Radiohead - The Bends
    Elvis Costello - This Year's Model
    The Replacements - Let It Be

    I'd love to read your lists, comment here or post 'em up.

    I hope you had a good weekend.