Friday, March 18, 2005

Optimizing Irony

From an email I sent today:

"I need your advice on something. One ball captain to another.

I know there's snow on the ground but I'm just about to send out the first ball email of the year. Problem. I've a major roster decision to make. One of our biggest bats happens to be "difficult to get along with", as was succinctly put by another team member. This person has been the focus of a number of personality conflicts both within the team and within the league at large. I'm thinking of cutting him. I've talked to a number of the other players on the team and no one will rigorously defend him. They all have said "Either way, it's fine by me. It's your call."

Like them I'm sitting on the fence. He's a pain in the ass (and a bit of an embarassment) but his bat would be missed."

The recipient of this query is not only another captain and a friend but also the one involved with the worst of the personality conflicts within the league at large - our player at one time tried to pick a fight with him.

I will likely abide by the recommendation I get in response.