Monday, May 02, 2005

Poor, poor asshole

I think it's great when the chance opens up to defend an asshole. That way the points one makes aren't clouded or diminished by any sentimentality, whether real or perceived.

Today's asshole is Rush Lim.baugh. The issue at hand is the Florida State Attorney's continued investigation into Mr. Lim.baugh's "doctor shopping" to feed his painkiller addiction.

Isn't addiction considered an illness? Here's a guy, albeit an asshole, who's sick. Sure he may have done marginally illegal things but to what end? Merely to feed his addiction. It wasn't for profit. It wasn't some endemic subversion of the system. His behaviour won't inspire legions of citizens to do the same thing. This was an isolated, personal case.

What is served by "conducting an ongoing criminal investigation"?

Will this prevent the asshole is question from becoming a recidivist? I think that the fallout from the first time is a sufficient deterrent. Is he a threat to society? No, he, at least in this aspect, is someone to be pitied. Does Mr. Lim.baugh need to be prosecuted so that he will be rehabilitated? He's gone into rehab, and again, I think if at all possible he'd want to avoid a scandal like this repeating itself.

What does that leave us with? Retribution. Not the legal kind. The petty, knock down your "betters" and grab headlines while your at it kind.

This, of course, ignores all kinds of other issues like rights to privacy.

If I was a Florida taxpayer I'd be PISSED. What a waste of time and money. The guy's sick after all. Poor, poor asshole.