Friday, June 03, 2005

Ball Bluster

My grumpiness continues. The only stuff I've written lately has been baseball related.

Just so I've posted something this week here goes - the Weekly Ball Summary:

Week 3 proved another tough contest for the Diamond Dogs as the team squeaked out a 6-5 victory over the Menace in what may have been the most exiting game in team history. As usual the team displayed some amazing defense, playing virtually error free ball. Of the many highlights our second base tandem of D and A were fabulous, a virtual baseball black hole on the right side of the infield, and the arms in the outfield showed off their prowess notably, C throwing out a runner trying to go first to third on a single and Ben throwing out a runner (Granola Girl) at first from RF on a hard hit ball that got through the infield.

However the play of the day makes these pale in comparison. Heading into the top of the ninth the Dogs led the Menace 6-4. With one out and a runner on base the Menace's K was at the plate. All day she had hit the ball solidly and the Dogs’ defense was aligned in preparation for another well struck ball. Again K made good contact, however this time she had hit the ball with such authority that it screamed over the heads of the Dogs’ outfield. The ball skipped though LF at Trinity South, eventually passing the trees and rolling out onto the asphalt. As the Dogs outfield sprinted after the ball the runner on base scored drawing the game to within one run. After an excellent under-the-trees relay from J, B, now in mid LF, had the ball. As K turned the corner at 3rd and ran for plate, representing the tying run, B threw home. The throw was online, but hit the dirt 6 feet in front of the plate. Off one hop, the catcher A came up with the ball and the runner was out by one step. One more out, a scorcher to first handled adeptly by T and the Dogs won 6-5, moving to 3-0 on the season.

And, I was asked by Granola Girl, who is putting together a newsletter fot the league to write a team history kinda thingy. Looks like the newsletter may not come out so I thought I'd put it up somewhere:

In the spring of 2003 following the demise of my slo-pitch team I was desperate to find a fun league in which to play ball. After some searching I found the $#BL and decided to put together a team. The squad was cobbled together on some strict criteria: 1) must want to have fun playing, and be at least a little fun 2) must drink beer, and 3) must try to do well (actually doing well not-so-much). Throw in a forced Bowie reference and the Diamond Dogs were born.

The resulting team is an eclectic mix that has tons of fun both on the field and of course, later at the bar. Who knew screenwriters and M.BA’s could get along so well? Winning only one game, the first season was not a success in terms of victories though it was hugely enjoyable for the team. In large part this was due to the league being so welcoming and largely sharing the Diamond Dogs’ fun first, beer second, and winning third (if at all) philosophy.

Finally, in our third year the Dogs have been able to pay some attention to the third tenet of the team’s philosophy (we’re a tad slow) and have come out to a surprising 3 – 0 start. It’s uncertain whether it’s because the rust has started to come off some neglected skills or rather that our team is in much better shape after chasing down so many opponents hits the first couple of years, but the team is starting to put things together.

It’s too early to tell if the Diamond Dogs will be contenders or merely pretenders this year but one thing is certain; the team will be well represented at the bar after games.